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IEP038: Amplify Your Business Using the Energy of the Moon

Have you checked in with your energy levels lately? 

Are you feeling energized, excited, and ready for action? Or, are you feeling stressed, overworked, and exhausted?

As intuitive entrepreneurs we often push ourselves to the max to reach our goals, making burnout a major risk. Being both a business owner and a mother of two, I can’t count the times I’ve fallen ill having stretched myself too thin and neglecting my own self care.

Here’s the thing about burnout… in the grand scheme of things, everyone loses. Your health suffers, and ultimately, so does your business. You can’t produce your best work when your body is completely and utterly exhausted. 

While periods of action are necessary, we also need time to pause and allow ourselves to rest. And tuning in to nature is one of the best ways to find this balance. When you’re in harmony with the natural cycles, there is more ease all around. You become connected with your mind, body, and environment – and create more flow in your life and business. 

On this week’s episode of the Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast, I invited Dr. Ezzie Spencer to share her lunar wisdom and teach us about tapping into the energy of the moon and beat burnout for good. 

Ezzie is the best-selling author of the book and journal ‘Lunar Abundance’ and the creator of the coaching program She started out as a lawyer and began working with the moon cycle to reconnect with her intuition, creativity, and emotional wellbeing. 

In this episode, you’ll hear Ezzie and I talk about:

  • Listening to and honoring your feelings above the noise
  • Being responsible for staying open to your vision
  • The process of shifting in your business
  • Being aware of culmination points in your entrepreneurial journey
  • Applying the moon cycles to your life and business
  • Finding the thread that connects your multiple passions

Links and Resources Mentioned:

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