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Are Your Dream Team in Their Dream Roles?

I was recently on a call with one of my business mentoring clients. She was ready to implement a new sales funnel to rapidly expand her business and amplify her impact, but there was just one problem – no-one on her team was available to set it up. 

She had reached out to her Infusionsoft Specialist (who had the expert knowledge to do what my client needed done), asking her to increase her hours over the next month or two to get the sales funnel up and running. But the specialist said she was completely overloaded and there was no way she could take on more tasks.  

My client came to me feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and unsupported. When I dug a little deeper, my client revealed that her Infusionsoft Specialist wasn’t just setting up her email marketing systems, she was also answering all customer emails, managing appointments, and doing small administrative tasks outside of Infusionsoft. All at $75 per hour! 

And because she was doing all of these extra tasks, she didn’t have the time or space to do the specialist jobs she was hired to do, like set up sales funnels and optimise her email marketing systems. 

So together, we mapped out everything this team member was currently doing, from the highly specialised tasks to the more mundane. 

Then, we went through the task list with a highlighter, marking all the tasks that the Specialist did exceptionally well and that only an Infusionsoft Specialist with her skillset could do. For the remaining tasks, we allocated some to others in the team. But it also became obvious that my client had a gap when it came to Customer Service, so we created a new role, at a much lower pay rate (remember, she had been paying $75 per hour for tasks that could have been done at $20 per hour). 

Within just a few weeks of this mini reshuffle, the Infusionsoft Specialist was working her magic on the new sales funnel and dedicating her time to the tasks that she loved and did well. The new Customer Service person was in place, serving the community (at a much more sustainable pay rate). And my client was happy because everything was getting done and the team were feeling motivated. 

All of this comes down to having the right people in the right roles.  

When building a team, many entrepreneurs try to keep their team small and load up each person with a growing list of tasks. This leads to overwhelm and disenchantment in the team, as they’re spending their time on tasks outside of their dream work “zone of genius”. Additionally, the entrepreneur is overpaying for certain tasks that could be done at a much more efficient and sustainable rate. 

If you’re serious about building your dream team, make sure that each person is in their dream role, doing their dream tasks – the things they do exceptionally well. What changes can you make? 

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