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The Intuitive

with Brigit Esselmont

Weekly inspiration for the intuitive entrepreneur

Where Are Your Blind Spots?
Where Are Your Blindspots? Blog

Where Are Your Blindspots?

About a year ago, I discovered a blindspot in my right eye – a small grey blob where everything disappears. It’s not like a black spot or something visible blocking my vision. It’s simply this tiny area where everything ceases to exist – at least in my mind –…
Brigit Esselmont
October 8, 2019
It's CEO Day
It’s CEO Day! Blog

It’s CEO Day!

It’s CEO Day here at Biddy HQ – the day I take every month to step back and work on my business, not in my business. It’s one of my favourite work days of the month.  Here’s what I do (and what you can do too!)…  I reflect on the previous month…
Brigit Esselmont
October 1, 2019
What do you really want?
What Do You Really Want? Blog

What Do You Really Want?

“What would you like?” a bright, 20-something woman asked me from behind the bar. “You can have anything you want!”  I had just arrived at Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s private island retreat in the Caribbean, with 35 other successful female entrepreneurs. We were there for…
Brigit Esselmont
September 24, 2019