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Did Your Angels Really Say No?

Several years ago, I was working with a client who we’ll call Madeline. Madeline had just started working on creating a sales webinar to promote her new course. 

She had spent weeks mapping out her content and narrowing it down to the three core concepts she wanted to teach in the webinar. However, when it came to presenting her offer, she hit a roadblock. Well, it was more like she crashed straight into a wall at high speed!  

Frustrated, exhausted and stressed out, she jumped on a call with me. “Brigit, I can’t do it. It doesn’t feel right.” 

“Sure you can! It’s just new to you and it’s going to take some time and practice, but soon it’s going to feel amazing!” 

“No,” she said firmly. “In fact, I asked my angels about this webinar and they said, “No way, don’t do it.” So I’m not going to do it.” 

Ugh – total missed opportunity! 

Now, I’m not denying that our angels, spirit guides or inner voice have a place in how we tune in to our intuition and our business, but I had to really question Madeline and whether this was truly her angels talking. 

You see, as intuitive entrepreneurs, we can sometimes hide behind phrases like “My angels said no!” or “My guides told me to quit my successful business and write a book instead.” Sometimes, this is well founded and legitimate. But sometimes, it’s our fear talking instead – we just don’t know the difference. 

I asked Madeline to close her eyes for a moment and really feel into where she was at with the webinar. She relayed that she felt stressed and anxious, out of her depth, worried that she didn’t know what she was doing, and fearful that it wouldn’t work. These were all very normal feelings given she was doing something that she hadn’t done before. 

I then asked her to wipe that away from her mind’s eye. Next, I asked her to imagine that she had just presented the webinar to her community and it was exactly the way she wanted it. I could hear her take a big deep breath in, and watched as her body completely relaxed.  

I asked her how she felt now. She said she could feel the love and appreciation from her audience, knowing that she had shared some highly valuable content with them and had a way for them to continue working with her. She felt radiant and excited. 

Finally, I asked her to tune into her angels now, and ask for a message. A look of relief spread across her face. “Oh! They want me to do it! They said that they know it’s going to be hard, but the rewards are huge.”  

When she opened her eyes, she looked so much lighter. “OK, let’s do this!”  

Together we mapped out the final part of her webinar and two weeks later, she had presented it to over 100 people live and enrolled 20 people into her new course! 

“You know what, Brigit?” she confided in me later. “I think I was just letting fear get in the way.” 

So, if you ever find yourself saying, “My angels/guides/inner voice said no”, check in with yourself first. Is it really your intuition and inner wisdom, or is it fear taking hold? 

Much Love,

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