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Do Your Goals Need an Upgrade?

I recently read The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, by Vishen Lakhiani – Founder of Mindvalley. (Awesome book, by the way, and I highly recommend it for the Intuitive Entrepreneur who is here to do BIG things.

Inside, he talks about the concept of “self-fuelled goals” – goals that are deeply meaningful and entirely controlled by you. 

You see, traditional goal setting often has us creating goals that we THINK we SHOULD have. “I want a million-dollar house.” “I want to make lots of money.” “I want to get married and have 2 kids.”  

But notice those two words – think & should. When we are thinking, we are not feeling. And yet ‘feeling’ is what creates meaning and lasting impact in our lives. 

And when we are doing what we think we should, we are living by the expectations and rules of others, and not the expectations and rules of our own inner guidance system. 

So, when we create these traditional goals, we often end up feeling completely out of alignment on the path to manifesting these goals because they are not deeply meaningful and are not connected to who we really are. 

Self-fuelled goals, on the other hand, come from a place of self-awareness, deep connection and inner wisdom. Instead of setting the goal of, “I want a million-dollar house,” you dig deeper into what you want to feel, and what that million-dollar house will actually enable for you. Perhaps you want to feel like you’re on holiday every day, waking up in a home that feels like a resort. Perhaps you want to live a life of luxury, knowing that luxury doesn’t always have to mean spending lots of money. Sipping a hot cup of tea in the garden at 6am while everyone is asleep might be your personal luxury. 

Self-fuelled goals are also those goals that we control and that can be achieved independent of other people. For example, you may have met Chris, the love of your life, and, determined for a long-lasting relationship, you set your goal as, “I want to be madly in love with Chris for the rest of my life.” But what if you grow apart? What if Chris wants to find love elsewhere? Instead, a self-fuelled goal might be “to surround yourself with love always”, knowing that if it’s not from Chris, it can be from your family, your friends, a new partner, and so on. 

So, think about your goals right now. Do they come from a place of deep meaning, inner wisdom, and emotion? And are they goals that you can create and control, independent of anyone (or anything) else? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade to the way you create your goals. Sure, it takes a little extra brain/heart power, but once you land on your self-fuelled goals, watch your life come into full alignment with what you truly want and desire! 

Much Love,

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