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How to Say Yes to the Right Things

If you’re anything like me, you have 101 ideas on your mind at any one time. But how do you choose which one(s) to say YES to? 

Sure, you could assess whether it’s going to make a profit or if you can do it with ease. Or you could ask around and see what others recommend. But what if it’s not truly in alignment with your deeper purpose and vision? The only person who will know that is you. 

As an Intuitive Entrepreneur, you know how important it is to make sure that your work is intentional and on purpose. And that can’t always be achieved by using only ‘logical’ tools or asking other people. 

So, here’s an easy way to tune in to your inner wisdom and choose the opportunities that most align with your purpose and vision. 

Pick one idea and ‘play’ with it for a little while. Think about all the ways you could make it happen. Perhaps you map out the steps you’d take, or the timelines you’d follow. If it’s a new product or service, you might start detailing what’s included, who you would offer it to, or even how much you’d charge. Start to give it a little ‘shape and form’, without fully committing to going ahead with your plans. 

Then, take a moment to go within. Close your eyes, ground your energy and connect to Source. Bring up the idea in your mind’s eye. It may appear as a shape, an object, or a colour. It might be big or small, moving or static. It might be completely abstract or something real and tangible.  

Then, connect in with your energy. What’s the feeling you get when you consider this opportunity? Do you feel really good and energised? Or drained or overwhelmed?  

Next, pay attention to your body. What sensations do you notice? A warm tingly feeling, some discomfort, or something else? Whereabouts in your body do you feel it? 

Bringing it all together, ask your Inner Wisdom, “Is this a YES?” Your body, your energy and your intuition will show you whether this is in alignment or not. Trust it.  

And look, there are going to be times when your head says YES, but your heart says NO. And when it may make so much sense to say yes, but something within you says no. This is all part of trusting your intuition – sometimes it’s just not going to make sense, but trust that it’s for your Highest Good.  

So, next time you have a new opportunity come your way, take a moment to play with the idea, then check in with your energy and Inner Wisdom to decide if it’s a clear YES.

Much Love,

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