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IEP003: How to Honour the Seasons in Business with Emily Thompson

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As an intuitive entrepreneur, you’ve probably recognised certain cycles and ebbs and flows in your business. And, I imagine, you’re aware that your own energy and creative output ebbs and flows as well.⁣ ⁣ But has it ever occurred to you that the annual flow of your business could be tied to the natural cycle of the seasons?

In this episode, I chat with Emily Thompson, co-host of Being Boss and founder of Almanac Supply Co. Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, where hosts Emily & Kathleen inspire, write, and curate content to help creatives own their path and be more boss. With over 7 million downloads, the impact of the podcast inspired Emily to go on to co-write her first book – Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work and Live Life on Your Own Terms. And just recently, Emily founded her newest company, Almanac Supply Co., where she creates and sells products for natural, seasonal living.   

In this episode, you’ll hear about… 

  • How Emily went against the norm and changed the way she engaged with her clients, and in the process, opened herself up to even more success in her business 
  • How intuition plays out in business partnerships, and what to do with those big ideas when one partner isn’t feeling it 
  • How seasons play a role in our lives and how Emily has personally integrated seasonal ritual into her business. 

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