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IEP004: How to Create Exponential Growth, Personally and Professionally, with Kelley Knight

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Creating exponential growth in your business (and life) isn’t all about strategy, operations and productivity numbers. While these things are an essential component to continual business growth, they’re not the whole picture.

But, it’s also unlikely that you’ll enjoy ongoing business growth if you only go with the flow of your intuition and universal messages, at the expense of sound logic, strategy and data. In fact, today’s podcast guest gives us some great examples of how detrimental this can be, both personally and professionally.

Kelley Knight is the founder and CEO of Modern Mystic Shop, a resource for intentionally-made, small batch metaphysical goods in Atlanta, Georgia, and also online. Her mission is to make the mystic mainstream by creating a modern and approachable space for people to explore their own intuition.

Kelley has been so successful in this space, that her 7-figure business is the top sales store in her shopping centre. To put that into perspective, Modern Mystic’s sales per square foot are comparable to a Tiffany & Co. store – and continuing to grow!

As an intuitive entrepreneur, it’s important to be guided by your intuition, then confirm your guidance and set your strategy using the data available to you. As Kelley reminds us in this episode, once you’ve tapped into your powerful manifesting energy, you’ll attract opportunities constantly.

So how do you know which opportunities to take, and which to let go?

Well, the key is in mastering the art of discernment. Kelley views discernment as the blend between intuition and your “executive mind”. Once you’re in the manifestation space, magnetising many opportunities, it helps to remember:

Just because it came to you, doesn’t mean you have to do it.

– Kelley Knight

In this episode of the Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast, Kelley talks us through some of the ways she exercises discernment in her business in order to create exponential growth. These practices are easily replicable in both product and service based businesses (hint: they’re all about YOU).

So, whether you have a product or service based business, and especially if you have a team you want to bring on the growth journey with you, this episode has all kinds of gold for you.

In this episode, you’ll hear about… 

  • How Kelley is connecting with her inner creativity, manifestation super-powers and radiant energy to grow her business exponentially  
  • An expensive lesson Kelley learned when she ignored her intuition and said ‘yes’ to something that wasn’t in alignment 
  • Goal-setting strategies that make highly aspirational dreams an achieveable reality 
  • How Kelley is creating her ‘dream team’ through deep listening, compassion and engagement 
  • How a Kundalini Yoga practice for prosperity has helped Kelley increase sales and create new opportunities for her team 

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