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IEP010: A Business Inspired by Spirit with Kristina Runciman

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It may seem that intuitive entrepreneurship is a way of doing business that’s only available for online entrepreneurs, coaches and healers. Well, nothing could be further from the truth! All businesses can benefit from the wisdom of the owner’s intuition, and all business owners can benefit from allowing their intuition to guide them in their business.

Today’s podcast guest is a shining example of how intuition can guide a highly successful, bricks and mortar business. In the manufacturing industry no less!

Kristina Runciman is the owner of Lifeforce Glass, Inc., manufacturer of imprinted giftware. The business was inspired by Spirit and has served to help inspire and delight hundreds of thousands of people over its 28 years. Lifeforce Glass currently employs nine people and three dogs in Kingsport, TN, USA.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How a dream in the 1990s inspired Kristina to find a way to support her family and start her business
  • Why being open to spiritual guidance is good for business
  • How honouring your values is critical for the intuitive entrepreneur, even if it means making tough decisions
  • How Kristina is practicing more detachment and ‘allowing’ as the business grows

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