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IEP011: How to Create Fulfilment in all Areas of Your Life

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As an intuitive entrepreneur, you bring so much of your whole self to your work. So, if there’s something that’s out of alignment or not being nurtured and supported in the way that it needs to, it will invariably affect the business. Not to mention what it does to your own wellbeing.

It’s easy though, to forget to check in with yourself when you’re busy doing all the things. I know if I don’t make a conscious effort (even scheduling it in my calendar) to meditate, or do a check-in with my Tarot cards, I can gradually become more and more overwhelmed without understanding why.

This, of course, isn’t optimal energy for creating and leading.

This week’s Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast guest shares a beautiful and simple method for touching base with each area of your life, and filling what she refers to as your “love tank”. Consistently doing this practice will help you create fulfilment in all areas of your life.

Lauren Verona is a yoga teacher, studio owner (Zenko Yoga), public speaker, mother and yoga teacher trainer. She advocates for a life of wellness and wisdom. Lauren’s passion is to help others find growth and transformation in both their personal and business life. With a rare ability to successfully navigate the seemingly contradictory worlds of yoga and business simultaneously, Lauren has achieved success by today’s modern standards without sacrificing her commitment to yoga’s ancient wisdom.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How Lauren allowed her intuition to guide her towards opening multiple yoga studios, even when her family and friends worried she was heading down the wrong path
  • Why staying true to your values is essential if you want to create a thriving and sustainable business
  • How Lauren attracts her dream team into her orbit without having to advertise or go through lengthy application processes
  • Why being busy and overwhelmed is just a state of mind – and what to do to free yourself of this forever
  • How to fill your love tank and create fulfilment across all areas of your life

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