IEP019: Meet Your Spiritual Support Team with Helen Jacobs

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Have you ever considered that your business is a living entity with a soul of its own? It’s tempting to view our business as an extension of us (especially for a coach or healer with a personal brand). However, I view it as more like a child that’s been birthed through you, and needs your care and nurturing in order to thrive. That child is not you. It may have many of your characteristics, but it also has its own personality and life direction, separate to yours. 

And there are some times in our business when we need to just get out of the way as a person, a business owner, a leader (a “parent”) and just let it flow. 

That’s a major part of the essence of being an intuitive entrepreneur. Trusting and allowing, rather than forcing. But, that’s not always easy to do. 

Cue your spiritual support team. My guest on this week’s podcast introduced me to the neat concept of a “spiritual advisory board”. Just like in big business, where there are people who sit on the Board, with different expertise and knowledge, as intuitive entrepreneurs we can access our spiritual advisory board. This is incredibly handy when we’re stuck in our analytical mind and having trouble making decisions or seeing a clear path. 

My guest, Helen Jacobs, is the author of You Already Know, and host of The Guided Collective Podcast. She’s an intuitive mentor, passionate about helping others reconnect with their intuition and discover their true life path. After a successful career in PR and marketing, Helen left to pursue her own intuitive nudges and forged a flourishing practice as a psychic. 

In this episode, Helen shares the amazing practice she’s developed to converse with her spiritual support team, and how it has impacted her life and business. Even better, she shares how you can meet your own spiritual support team, and the many ways they can help you in your life and business. 

In this episode, you’ll hear about: 

  • Transitioning from a corporate day job to providing intuitive services 
  • How to balance the masculine and feminine to come back to center in your business 
  • How you are the pioneer for a massive pivot point in how the world does business 
  • How to hear the guidance from your spiritual support team 

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