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IEP022: How to Attract Your Dream Team with Dr Angela Lauria

Recently, a book came along that impacted the way I attract, hire, train and transition my team members. 

It’s called Make ‘Em Beg to Work for You, written by the inspirational Dr Angela Lauria.  

As the founder of The Author Incubator, Dr. Angela E. Lauria has helped over 1,000 authors in the transformation space to write, publish, and promote their books. Angela is the author of Make ‘Em Beg to Work For You, Make ‘Em Beg to Be Your Client, Make ‘Em Beg to Publish Your Book, The Incubated Author, and The Difference. 

I tell you, I have referenced Make ‘Em Beg to Work for You so many times in recent months, and am finding the suggestions that I’m implementing with my team are making a huge difference to my business. 

That’s why I’m so excited to have Angela as a guest on The Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast. No matter what stage your business is at, you will find some brilliant tips and ideas in this interview. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How thinking of employees as clients will change your business (for the better) 
  • How to communicate your value to make ‘em beg to work for you 
  • How to set the vibrational match to call in your dream candidates 
  • Why “slow is smooth, smooth is fast” is the ultimate employee training principle 
  • When to be authentically vulnerable with your team for best results 
  • Setting up the hiring process as a win-win situation 
  • The importance of creating clarity for your team and how to communicate priorities 
  • Why releasing a team member can be of massive value to them (and how to do it with grace) 
  • Letting go with love – how to implement a respectful exit strategy that honors both parties 

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