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IEP033: How to Consciously Build a Financial Strategy for your Business with Jen Bro

In every business, there comes a time when you’re called to up-level your financial beliefs and systems. That’s where I am with Biddy Tarot right now. For quite some time, I was bootstrapping in my business, just like any small business owner. Focused on saving money, rather than expansion. 

But, as I started to expand my vision for Biddy Tarot and reflect more consciously on my growth, I realised that I’m not a small business anymore. I really had to challenge myself and ask, “why am I bootstrapping”? 

You see, we think we’re saving money, but the penny pinching can actually restrict us from the growth and abundance we desire in business. 

Is it time for you to go to the next level in your business?

Here’s what you need to know…

Investing in your business is essential as you grow, because you’re able to add in elevated skills, experience, and systems to support the growth of the business. 

This also means getting knowledgeable about money when it comes to your business.

I know, I know… systems, processes, and finances don’t sound sexy. But it’s an important part of business. 

We need to become good custodians of our money and be very mindful and intentional of how we are spending and investing our money in our business. 

And to show you how to do just that, I’ve invited my own Chief Financial Officer, Jen Bro, to chat with us on this episode of the Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast. Jen Bro is a Business and Money Alchemist who consults and assists in everything from sustainable wealth generation and healthy cashflow, to effective decision-making data, analytics and infrastructure.

Jen joins me on the Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast to share how opening up to the world of energy shifted her entire life, helping her to merge spirituality and finances in a healthy way. Now, she’s here to help you look at the patterns that are throwing you off track, so that you can consciously create a successful financial strategy for your business.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • How you can merge the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in your business
  • Avoiding expensive lessons
  • How to romance money
  • When to uplevel financial skills and systems in your business
  • Why you need to be empowered about the flow of money in your business
  • Ascending old programs that need to be removed and released for your ultimate success

If you’re ready to uplevel your business and take control of your business finances in a conscious way, listen to IEP033: How to Consciously Build a Financial Strategy for your Business today.


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