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IEP034: Eliminate These Six Money Blocks

As an intuitive entrepreneur, you know that you need money to support your life and business. But are you aware of how your personal beliefs and the stories you have about money are impacting the flow of money through your business?

We all have stories around money that influence us when it comes to wealth or business.

Stories like:

  • It’s not spiritual to make money
  • I don’t need to know the details about my money – I have money in the bank so I’m fine
  • There’s never enough money so I have to hold onto anything I get

I’m often criticized for making money through a spiritual pursuit like Tarot. But instead of letting that opinion take over my business, I spend conscious time working on my relationship with money and making sure I’m energetically aligned to give and receive.

Holding onto these limiting beliefs will block the flow of abundance through your business. If you’re not being mindful of your relationship with money and addressing these beliefs, it can be more difficult to create the success and impact that you want to have with your business.

This is why it’s so important to get over your money blocks and become a good steward of your money, so that you can be open to the abundance that wants to come your way.

The most common money blocks that come up and hold entrepreneurs back are:

  • Money and spirituality don’t go together
  • I don’t need to know anything about my money as long as it’s there
  • It’s not wise to spend, I have to save every dollar
  • Earning money is a struggle, it takes hard work
  • It’s not fair to others if I make more money
  • Higher prices mean people won’t be able to afford my services

Do any of these sound familiar?

To be a successful, intuitive business owner you have to deal with your money stuff. This week on the Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast. I’m sharing ways that you can overcome the six key money blocks that often come up for the intuitive entrepreneur.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How to overcome the six most common money blocks of the intuitive entrepreneur
  • Why it’s absolutely okay to be spiritual and make money
  • The value of understanding your finances and where your money is going
  • Saying yes to things that you value for yourself and your business
  • The exact process I use to keep abundance flowing in my business

If you are ready to overcome your money stuff so that you can develop a healthy relationship with money in your business, listen to IEP034: Eliminate these Six Money Blocks


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