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IEP035: Get Aligned Now with Bethany Londyn

I’m calling 2020 the year of Aligned Action. It’s about showing up for yourself and feeling so deeply connected to who you are and what you’re here to do, that when you take action, it all flows from an aligned place.

Are your business goals aligned with your highest good?

To take aligned action, it’s so important to make sure your goals are right for you. For intuitive entrepreneurs, this means that setting goals goes beyond writing it down.

When I set really ambitious goals for my business, like wanting to bring in 300 new students, before just jumping with the idea, I take some time to tune in and see how it feels, often bringing my Tarot cards into the process.

For me, this is the sweet spot of bringing in my Highest Self for guidance. 

When I’m setting goals for my business, I’m always tuning in to my Highest Self, using my Tarot cards to really calibrate my goals.

So often I see entrepreneurs without clear goals or goals that don’t feel quite right. This can cause you to miss your mark. You might even get frustrated, or down on yourself thinking you’ve failed, when really the goal just wasn’t right for you.

If you can relate, don’t despair.

Today on the Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast, I’m going to help you set goals that are in alignment with your highest good.

Joining me this week on the podcast is guest, Bethany Londyn, an energy healer, life coach and alignment catalyst. She is here to help us to get into that place of aligned goals and aligned action with body intelligence.

In this episode, you’ll hear Bethany and I chat about: :

  • What aligned goals are and why they are important
  • Using your body’s wisdom and trusting the messages you receive
  • Creating space for your intuition during your day
  • How to handle unsupportive family and friends
  • Getting to the root of your desires
  • Staying open to more with your YES
  • Bringing spiritual support into your business

If you’re ready to start thinking about your goals, your vision, and your dreams for your business in a different way, then check out IEP035: Get Aligned Now with Bethany Londyn to tune into your innate wisdom and make shift happen.


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