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IEP036: Setting & Manifesting Goals Using The Chalkboard Method

Aligned action! I can’t stop talking about this for you and your business this year. 2020 is the year to really dream up what you desire to see for your business and align your actions with that vision.

Here’s the thing… it’s not enough to dream it, you also have to do it!

This is the year to merge the sacred feminine (allowing, surrender, and intuition) with the sacred masculine (planning, strategizing and taking action). When you can blend these two energies you have tapped into the sweet spot to really supercharge your business.

Do you find yourself caught on one end of the spectrum, too much dreaming or too much planning? 

Well, to help you set your dream goals and make them a reality, I’ve invited Kathleen Shannon on this week’s episode of the Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast.

Kathleen is an author, co-founder and creative director at Braid Creative, and the co-host of Being Boss, a podcast for creative entrepreneurs. Kathleen developed the Chalkboard Method of goal setting, and has used it to help her business grow and thrive.

Today on the Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast, Kathleen is sharing how you can use this method to set and manifest your goals, by creating space for them and listening to your intuition.

In this episode, you’ll hear Kathleen and I talk about:

  • Why no decisions are wrong
  • The power of dreaming your dreams
  • How to hear and trust your intuition
  • Using your intuition to support growth on a personal level and a professional level
  • The importance of making space for your desires in your life
  • How to set and manifest your goals using the Chalkboard Method

Learn to dream big dreams and bring them to life with IEP036: Setting and Manifesting Goals Using the Chalkboard Method.


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