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If You Can’t Learn, You Can’t Thrive

Want to know how I can tell if someone is going to succeed as an entrepreneur or not? 

It all comes down to their ability to learn. 

I can’t tell you how many struggling entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to who have said things like… 

“I want to create a meditation program, but I don’t know how to record and send audio files.” 

“I want to create an online community, but I don’t know how to create a membership site.” 

“I want to speak on stage, but I don’t know how to find the right events.” 

And then they get stuck. They don’t move forward and their dreams fade away into the ether. They simply give up. 

Cal Newport writes in his book, Deep Work:  

“If you can’t learn, you can’t thrive.” 

As an intuitive entrepreneur, your ability to learn is critical to your success. 

And I don’t mean your ability to sit in a classroom and take notes. Not everyone learns that way. What you really need, as an entrepreneur, is to learn how to figure stuff out and move beyond challenges and obstacles that stand between you and your goals.  

Can’t create your online course because you don’t know how to set up the website? Do a Google search, read a book, hire an expert, or ask a friend.  

Everything is figure-out-able (as the great intuitive entrepreneur Marie Forleo always reminds us). 

But more importantly, you need to learn so that you can grow and evolve – both as a business and as a person.  

What can you learn about your customers that would help you serve them in a more powerful way? What can you learn about your industry that would put you at the leading edge? And, what can you learn about yourself that would help you become a better entrepreneur? 

Because it’s in the learning process that you grow and you thrive. Not only do you learn new skills, you learn more about your business, your customers, and yourself. And from here, new ideas emerge and new opportunities appear. 

It’s the beautiful upward spiral of evolution and it will help you thrive. 

So, what do you need to learn in order to thrive right now? Let me know over on Instagram.

Much Love,

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