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It’s CEO Day!

It’s CEO Day here at Biddy HQ – the day I take every month to step back and work on my business, not in my business. It’s one of my favourite work days of the month. 

Here’s what I do (and what you can do too!)… 

I reflect on the previous month – all the wins and wisdoms, what we accomplished and what’s left over, and how I grew as a person in the role of CEO and Founder of my business. Reflection is something we so often skip, but it’s the key to understanding our evolution as business owners and recognising all that we have achieved. 

Then, I pull an oracle card for the month ahead, feeling into the energy of the next 30 days. (Personally, I love using the Sacred Rebels deck by Alana Fairchild or the Work Your Light deck by Rebecca Campbell.) I journal for 20 minutes or so about what this card means as I step into the upcoming month, both for my business and for me personally. For example, last month, my card invited me to bring more playfulness into my daily life. So, I scheduled in more break times for doing whatever I pleased. 

Next, I look at the priority projects, for both the team and myself, drawing upon our Annual Growth Strategy and Quarterly Action Plans. This helps me to assess what’s truly a priority and what’s realistic for the next month – and what’s not. Projects are moved around so we can focus on the high impact / high importance projects and postpone those that might be interesting but not impactful. 

With my priority projects top of mind, I tune to what I want the coming month to really feel like and how I can create abundance and success in my business. It might be that I need to brief my team on a new project, or I need more self-care, or I need to revisit a marketing strategy so we can reach more people in a more compelling way. All of this is then scheduled both into my calendar and in my To Do list.  

Then, I literally go day-by-day, and mark in my meetings, project work time and other priorities for the entire month ahead. That way, I know I am completely on track to meet my goals and aspirations. 

By the end of the process, I am clear on what I need to do for the coming month and what it will take to be successful. Then, I take a walk out in nature – usually along the beach or in the forest – and let everything settle in and integrate. 

So, over to you! Schedule in your first CEO Day this month and make it a regular part of your workflow. It will make a HUGE difference! 

Much Love,

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Brigit Esselmont is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling books, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings, Everyday Tarot and the Biddy Tarot Planner. A professional Tarot reader for more than 20 years, Brigit founded Biddy Tarot in 1999, where each year over 8 million people (like you!) are inspired to live more mindful and enlightened lives, using the Tarot as a guide.

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