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Pricing Strategies for the Intuitive Entrepreneur with Sarah Corbett

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How is your relationship with money and pricing in your business?  

Getting clear on this question is so important because there can be many energetic blocks and limiting beliefs around “the financial stuff” for intuitive entrepreneurs. I see it time and again – immensely talented people who have been given the idea that it’s wrong to charge well for their spiritual services.  

Well, I actually believe that there are deep spiritual elements to money. And today’s podcast guest is a wonderful example of an intuitive entrepreneur who got clear on what money really means, and used that clarity (and her intuition) to really shift the financial paradigm in her business. 

Sarah Corbett is a Clinical Herbalist and co-founder of Rowan + Sage, a small-batch apothecary brewing plant potions and other herbal magic in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia.  

Sarah’s path in the healing arts blossomed from experimentation with plants to support her own health challenges and a desire to trust her intuition as her greatest source of healing.  

Sarah is also a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader and uses her love of Tarot in her products and as a strategic tool for planning and development.  

Through her other business, SC Digital Studio, Sarah helps fellow soul-centered entrepreneurs craft visual brand identities, custom web designs, and marketing strategies to help them make a difference in the world. 

Today, Sarah shows us how the power of consistency and delivering value makes a big difference in the way we feel about our pricing strategies. She shares lots of great tips for how to use your intuition to develop pricing that is in alignment with both the value you offer and your own needs. 

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Sarah’s journey from freelancing in digital branding and marketing to creating plant potions and a thriving online business in herbalism 
  • How Sarah continued to courageously trust her intuition throughout the journey, even when her mind pulled her in a different direction 
  • How a vulnerable (and public) breakdown on Instagram Live became an important turning point for Sarah to refocus her efforts and show up consistently in her business 
  • What changed Sarah’s mindset from “I don’t deserve to earn money” to “I’m here to accrue wealth to help more people” 
  • Why 12-hour work days are a part of Sarah’s self-care practice

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