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Where Are Your Blindspots?

About a year ago, I discovered a blindspot in my right eye – a small grey blob where everything disappears. It’s not like a black spot or something visible blocking my vision. It’s simply this tiny area where everything ceases to exist – at least in my mind – even though the objects are clearly still there. 

I soon realised I could use this blindspot to my advantage. If my kids started whingeing or my hubby was having a bad day, I squeezed one eye shut, adjusted my vision to stealthily position the blindspot over where they were. And just like that, I made them disappear! #besttrickever 

Except, they hadn’t really disappeared, had they? I could still hear the kids whingeing and my husband grumbling. And it was going to stay that way until I did something about it. 

It’s like all the things in your business that frustrate you, worry you, scare you, and so on. You try to hold that ‘blindspot’ over them, hoping they will disappear, and maybe they do – but only just for a moment. Because let’s be real – they don’t go away until you deal with them. Like paying your tax bill, getting your business affairs in shape, dealing with a difficult person, or resolving a long-standing conflict. Try as you might, they don’t just disappear. 

The other thing I noticed with my blindspot is that beautiful objects can suddenly disappear too, and fade out of my awareness. For example, when I look out across our garden with two eyes, I see everything in its beauty. But when I close my ‘good’ eye, some of that beauty disappears and I miss out on what’s right in front of me. 

In business, when opportunities, potential and possibility are right in front of you, but for whatever reason, your ‘blindspot’ is positioned right over them, it’s as if they don’t exist. Others can see it, but you fail to register the massive opportunity that lies before you. 

For example, people close to you keep encouraging you to take the stage and share your message as a public speaker. But you can’t even imagine yourself up on that stage let alone impacting other people. Your fear is your blindspot and it’s holding you back from truly expressing your fullest potential. 

So, I invite you to reflect on your blindspots right now. One, what are you trying to make disappear and how can you deal with this head on? And two, what massive opportunities can you bring more fully into your awareness and vision right now? 

Much Love,

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