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brigit esselmont

Intuitive Business Strategist

Hey beautiful,

Let me take a wild guess – you’re here because…

  • You’ve already built a business that’s making money – and now you’re being called to step it up a level and have an even bigger impact in the world
  • You know that the entrepreneurial journey isn’t just about implementing the latest strategies and tactics. It’s a deeply personal journey of aligning to your soul purpose, expressing yourself authentically, and ‘feeling’ your way towards the best opportunities.
  • You believe that a successful business isn’t just how much money you make or how many Instagram followers you have. A successful business is about how much joy, freedom and abundance you can create – for you, your family and the people you serve.
  • You’re a highly motivated self-starter, ready to do whatever it takes to create success and fulfil your greatest potential


  • You’re working like crazy, offering your gifts to the world, but not seeing the return
  • You’ve got a big vision and know where you want to take your business, but you’re not clear on what steps you need to take to make it happen
  • You’re getting bogged down by boring, day-to-day tasks and you struggle to find the time and space to do what you do best and make a difference
  • You have tonnes of ideas but you’re having trouble prioritising what’s next

In moments like these, having the support of an experienced mentor makes all the difference.

Hi, I’m Brigit

Hi, I’m Brigit Esselmont and I help intuitive entrepreneurs to build online businesses that are fuelled by purpose, passion and profit.

As the Founder of Biddy Tarot, I turned my love for Tarot into an abundant, 7-figure business that now employs 15 people and serves over 12 million Tarot lovers every year.

The secret to my success? Making intuition my entrepreneurial super power. When I finally learned how to trust my intuition and made it an integral part of how I do business, I experienced abundance, freedom and joy in everything that I did.

And now I’m here to show you how to make intuition your entrepreneurial super power, to create huge success and joy in your business.

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1:1 Mentoring

Expand your business and lean in to your intuition with 1:1 business mentoring.



Create magic in this 9-month mastermind for intuitive entrepreneurs.