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IEP020: The Importance of Rest Periods in Business

As I feel more into operating as an intuitive entrepreneur, one of the key concepts that stands out to me is how important it is to take conscious periods of rest in my business. And I mean truly, on-purpose conscious, as opposed to “collapsing in a heap of exhaustion” type rest. ⁣

This is not actually something that comes easily to me. I tend to be very uncomfortable in that void of doing nothing. My masculine energy kicks up and wants to start producing or organising something. Or the ideas start flowing in because I’ve given myself space, and I immediately want to act on them. ⁣

However, through my business and my beautiful guests on The Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast, I’ve learned how valuable it is to work in a cyclic/seasonal fashion, scheduling in periods of deep rest. ⁣

Not only does it help us avoid burnout, it also fuels our creativity and sets us up for more sustainable productive periods in the future. ⁣

The feminine energy is cyclical in nature. It’s often filled with those periods of high activity followed by periods of rest, withdrawal, and retreat. ⁣

We can apply this to our businesses by looking at how can we incorporate more cycles into our business. How can we have more seasons in our business? Does it have to be push, push, push the entire year? Or can we give ourselves permission to work in seasons with scheduled rest breaks to replenish our creativity and life-force? ⁣

When I realised this, I made the decision to move to a seasonal format for The Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast. This week’s episode will be the last episode for Season 1. Tune in to hear me dive deeper into how rest periods in business can create sustainable success. I’ll also be giving you my personal highlights of Season 1, and an overview of what to expect in Season 2. ⁣

Now, don’t worry, Season 2 is only 4 weeks away, and I have some other juicy content coming to you in the meantime to support your intuitive entrepreneur journey. ⁣

So, tune in to hear my thoughts on the best bits of Season 1, and an overview of what’s coming up in Season 2. I have some amazing guests lined up for you, so enjoy your rest period and get excited!



Much Love,

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