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The Intuitive

with Brigit Esselmont

Are you ready to make intuition + strategy your entrepreneurial super power? The Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast is designed for business-owners who are ready to trust their intuition, align with their purpose, and create a positive impact through their work. Each week, you’ll hear advice, tools, and real-life examples from some of the best intuitive entrepreneurs around the world.

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Sacred Leadership with Julie Parker

IEP028: Sacred Leadership with Julie Parker

“Our intuitive self is our highest self, it is our best self, it is our most wise and loving self”.  These were the words that captured me at the beginning of my recent chat with the beautiful Julie Parker (founder of the Priestess Temple School,…
Brigit Esselmont
December 10, 2019
Slowing Down to Speed Up

IEP027: Slowing Down to Speed Up

When we have big goals and dreams to accomplish and have a lot of tasks and responsibilities on our plate, our natural inclination is to speed up and do more. 30-hour weeks turn into 60-hour weeks, as we race against time to get everything done.…
Brigit Esselmont
December 3, 2019
When Entrepreneurship Gets Hard

IEP024: When Entrepreneurship Gets Hard

The last few months have been the hardest in my entrepreneurial journey. I’ve been in this game for over a decade, and for the most part, I’ve felt really in flow. Now, suddenly, at the time I’m investing in the biggest expansion of my team…
Brigit Esselmont
November 12, 2019