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Bonus: A Visualisation to Attract and Magnetise Your Dream Client

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As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ve done your “ideal client avatar” exercise a time or two (or ten). You may have done the work to determine exactly who you’re talking to with your marketing, and you’re probably using some really sound marketing strategies to attract this ideal client to your business.

But despite all this, maybe your launches are falling short on your expectations, or a bunch of people who are definitely NOT your ideal client keep showing up to work with you.

If you’re doing all the “right” marketing, but still not attracting your dream client, it may be time to investigate your energy.

Integrating energy work into your marketing is incredibly impactful. Anytime you launch something new, want to disrupt a pattern or need to get clear on who you do and don’t want to attract to your community, make a point of aligning your energy to that which you desire.

I’ve done this successfully across different launches in my business, and have developed a guided visualisation that helps me get clear and aligned every time.

I’m sharing this visualisation with you today so that you can create a vortex of energy that attracts clients who are in alignment with your mission and how you do business, and repel anyone who isn’t the right fit for you.

I’d love to hear how your experience was with this visualisation – shoot me a DM on Instagram once you’ve been through the visualisation and let me know!

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