Bonus: How to Deal With Burnout and Exhaustion

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We all know someone who has experienced burnout and exhaustion due to the intensity of effort they’re putting into their business. Perhaps that “someone” was you. High performers and highly engaged employees often burnout from work related stress. And entrepreneurs are most at risk, particularly in start-up phase or when creating and launching new offerings. Stress factors like no steady income, no guarantee of success, decision fatigue, and passion turned into profit, all take their toll. 

Yes, it may be necessary to dedicate yourself wholly to the business during certain phases, but it’s important to recognise when a “phase” becomes your entire mode of operation. Every day of the year. The relentless heightened adrenaline and stress can lead to serious physical and mental health issues, and ultimately be detrimental to you, and to your business. 

As you know, when you’re depleted and empty, there’s nothing left to give. And when there’s nothing left to give, you, your loved ones, and your business suffer.

After my own challenge with exhaustion and burnout in 2018, I’ve learned to proactively create cycles in my business so I have deep rest time scheduled in. I paid attention to my energetic patterns and noticed where I tend to dip (eg. after major live launch periods) and have set up practices to look after myself. 

In this episode, I’m sharing those practices with you, so that you can avoid burnout or handle it effectively if it hits. Listen in if you need support with burnout and exhaustion, or if you feel there must be a better way to do business.


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