IEP005: Slowing Down and Listening Deeply with Maddy Moon

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Sometimes in business we can get caught up in perfectionism and overthinking. It feels like we have to be productive and “doing” at all times. Not only is this exhausting, but as Maddy Moon explains in this episode, it can be detrimental to your client relationships.

If you’re ready to stop obsessing over control and live with more trust, intuition and feminine flow, you’re going to love this episode! You’re about to learn the art of slowing down for your ultimate business success.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How to tell the difference between intuition and fear 
  • How Maddy learned to trust her intuition and inner wisdom, even in the face of conflict and disappointment  
  • Serving clients with compassion by slowing down and listening deeply 
  • What the divine masculine and the divine feminine look and feel like and how you can draw more of these energies into your business 
  • How agreements and contracts create a sense of safety for your clients – and fundamentally support an intuitively-lead business 

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