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When it comes to business, does intuition really have a place at the table? Or is it all just about strategy, drive, and metrics?  

It’s a conversation that fascinates me (which is one of the reasons I’ve started this podcast). Even though intuition clearly creates opportunity in business, there are only a handful of entrepreneurs actively integrating intuition into their business. And many of the entrepreneurs who do purposely use their intuition in business are downplaying it.  

I’m excited to open up the conversation to show how much is possible when we combine intuition and strategy to create our entrepreneurial superpower. Through high-vibe conversations with highly successful, six and seven figure intuitive entrepreneurs, I’ll showcase a range of ways that the integration of intuition and strategy gives you an edge in business. 

In this episode, you’ll hear about: 

  • What intuition really is (and no, it’s not necessarily paranormal abilities passed down from your 5th generation psychic grandmother) 
  • What it means to be an intuitive entrepreneur (and how this differs from person to person) 
  • The 7 Elements of Intuitive Entrepreneurship (the specifics of how to integrate intuition and business) 
  • The incredible guests coming up on the podcast and some of the wisdom they’ll be sharing 

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